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Washington County, Arkansas


 the hicks family




Rural Infrastructure

In the year 2024, in one of the wealthiest counties in the State,  people who live out in the country should not have to pump water from creeks into the back of their trucks or haul water in Rubbermaid tubs to provide for the needs of their families and livestock. For those who are connected to a water line, the failing infrastructure in rural municipalities is leaving families with out-of-control water bills. We could use American Rescue Plan monies or other water grant sources to fund rural infrastructure projects such as expanding water lines or digging deeper and/or additional wells for families. It is being done in other places. The money is there. County support is not.


Other infrastructure includes roads, bridges, and rural broadband. Some people in my community have to make a two-hour round trip past demolished million-dollar bridges to visit their healthcare provider because they don't have the option to log on to the internet for a telehealth visit. It's 2024. The money is there. No one is stepping up for this district to allocate it.

We need a representative who will not sit idly in a comfy chair. We need a representative who will proactively seek solutions for the problems we face.

I am that representative.

The Hicks Family Farm
Freedom of Information
I fully support access to information, whether it be the right to observe and participate in a transparent government or the ability to access books from perspectives other than my own.  This is the heart of small government.
Washington County has not only lost multiple lawsuits for violating its citizens' right to participate in and watch its government but current officials also refuse to make ordinances accessible online. We need more elected officials who support easy online access to our government for the working families in our community. I do not support backroom deals.
In addition, Act 372 of 2023 made it so that challenged books be reviewed by county elected officials. Books are the home of information, and I believe everyone should have the freedom to it. As an educator myself, I will not support book bans. As for access of information by minors, it is the parent's right to determine what is appropriate, not the government's.
We need a representative who values information. 

I hold that value.

Safe Communities

I care very deeply about this issue. I have a loved one with a very severe mental illness who is, unfortunately, a regular within the jail system. People with mental illness are not better off in jail; they're better off in treatment. It's difficult for me, a nurse, to halfway navigate systems for my loved one. I recognize that if it's hard for me, it's exponentially harder for other families. On the flip side, I've worked very closely with and attended some of the same trainings as law enforcement. I've seen how Corrections Officers have been put in danger because of unsafe staffing and have experienced this myself as a nurse.

We are very fortunate to have a Crisis Stabilization Unit in Washington County; a service that law enforcement supports because it is a tool in their toolbelt. Unfortunately, its funding is repeatedly threatened and its closure shifts more people to an already overcrowded jail, further threatening the safety of Corrections Officers. County officials have the authority to create additional services people desperately need, but they are not doing it

We need a representative who will do the hard work.

I am that worker.

I am the only candidate in this race that is an
Ambassador for Women and Girls.
Women deserve representation. 

Women make up a majority of the population, yet our representation in government does not reflect that fact.

Our daughters are watching. Women and girls in rural communities should be able to see themselves in leadership positions. 

Because women get stuff done.


 Meet  ASH LEE.

I’m the proud Democratic nominee for JP District 14, which is outside Elkins on the east, touches Prairie Grove on the west, and follows the bypass down to Crawford County.

My husband and I live outside Elkins on our family farm with our four kids. Last election before we built our house, I ran in District 15. Not only a first-time candidate but also a Democratic woman in a rural area, I earned over 40% of the vote. In 2023, I served as the President of the Washington County Democratic Women.

I’m a Registered Nurse working full-time as a nurse educator. I recently graduated from Post University with a Master of Science in Nursing. Because of my advocacy for the safety of nurses, school teachers, and children with disabilities during the pandemic, I was awarded a full-tuition Social Justice & Advocacy Scholarship for Healthcare Professionals. 


Putting Experience to Work.

In 2022, I was named Post University's Woman of Inspiration for not only powerful advocacy efforts but also for work within my community to address food insecurity and to help meet the vaccination demand during the pandemic with the local grassroots group, Nurses Crushing COVID.

Since 2021, I have served on the Arkansas Nurses Association's Political Action Committee as a Nurse Advocacy Leader. This group is a politically nonpartisan organization that promotes the improvement of health care for the people of Arkansas.

I'm running for purpose, not for status. I believe in local strength. The local level is closest to the heart and at the heart of our community is people. I will work for you and ALL people to advocate and advance the needs of our community at the County-Level.

-Ash Lee Hicks

Brad and Ash Lee met through a mutual friend, also a nurse, and married in 2014. Brad has worked in the trucking industry for 20 years. Each had 2 children - Ash Lee is mother to Brodie, 16, and Abigail, 13, while Brad is father to Mia Lou, 13, and Benson, 11. In 2017, tragedy struck - Mia and Benny's mother passed away unexpectedly. Without hesitation, Ash legally adopted the children as her own. Through devotion, love, support, and kindness (from others and from within), our blended family thrives.


Our children proudly attend public schools. 



Hicks Family




Other Info.

Election Day



is a

A Justice of the Peace, or JP, is your County Legislator. Your elected JP represents your best interest at the county level of government, similar to the role of a city council member. City council members represent citizens within each city ward. A JP does this within the districts of each county. 

The group of JPs in your county is called the Quorum Court, or QC. These officials meet each month, even more when needed, to review and vote on issues that affect you. A JP is your first line of defense to make local change for you, protect your freedoms, ensure your safety, and make sure your voice is heard.

           I am your fiercest advocate. 
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