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I Showed Up in Boots

Blame it all on my roots.

Ash Lee, Mia Lou, Abigail, Benny, Brodie, and husband, Brad on filing day

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Fayetteville, AR (March 1, 2022) – Ash Lee Hicks, Registered Nurse, Educator, and Community Advocate has announced that she will run for Washington County JP, District 15. She has made a career of serving and advocating for others in her home state of Arkansas, demonstrated through experience as a Nurse Advocacy Leader representing NW Arkansas residents for the improvement of healthcare; as a local farmer teaching families facing food insecurity how to farm; and as an appointed advisory board Chair helping the City of Fayetteville prioritize community grant funds.

Beyond Ash Lee’s professional experience, and together with her family, she supports her community, her neighbors, her colleagues, her friends, and her extended family in every way that has been collectively envisioned.

“When the pandemic hit, I took a hard look at how current public policy affects me, my family, neighbors, co-workers, and others I care about. The negative impacts were overwhelming but compelled me to act.”, states Ash Lee about why she has chosen to run for office.

Ash Lee currently works as a clinical nurse educator to address the root cause of the nursing shortage. She also attends graduate school working towards a Masters of Science in Nursing. Because of advocacy for the safety of nurses, school teachers, and children with disabilities during the pandemic, she was awarded a full-tuitionSocial Justice & Advocacy Scholarship for Healthcare Professionals”. According to Ash Lee, “Nurses can play a prominent role in advancing social justice, improved health, and education for all, and I intend to do just that.”

Peers and colleagues agree that if Ash is elected JP, it will have a transformative, enduring influence upon frontline workers and the auxiliary people and communities touched. According to Jennifer Hudson, “I consider her an exceptional candidate for JP. In my job, I encounter hundreds of outstanding and notable professionals and advocates every year, and Ash stands out. I have witnessed her determination and fervent action toward improving health and security for impoverished children and families. Furthermore, she works tirelessly to advocate for equitable systems that serve my community, and multiple communities I serve. Ms. Hicks actively demonstrates that she is a servant leader, and will passionately represent my interests, and those of my colleagues and neighbors.”

Ash with Campaign Manager (and Sister-in-Law) Jennifer and her daughters.

This is a Woman-Run Campaign.

Ash Lee Hicks can be reached for comments and additional information on her website or by emailing

To donate, visit

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