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Ash Lee


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Just as Florence Nightingale, I too believe that service to mankind is service to God. 

Without a doubt, I exist to take care of others. It is my life's work. I respond to problems by listening to understand, and I accept and empathize with all. I work to turn confrontation into collaboration, to ensure action is informed by every perspective.


I am here to serve YOU and ALL people in our community. I will work tirelessly for those who entrust me to represent them, as all elected officials should.

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In line with my God-given purpose in life, I was gifted with the ability to not only speak up for myself, but take that gift further, and amplify the voices of others as well.

Doing what’s right is not always easy, but nurses don't do easy. I have objectivity, rational thinking skills, the capacity to recognize what's right, and the strength to fight for it. 

Being "just" requires that I am accountable to constituents - to advocate for your interests. I will address YOUR issues, intentionally and effectively.
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Responsible Steward.
 I believe all resources, whether God-given or man-made, are precious.

Nurses are trained to be good stewards of resources. In my work as a clinical nurse educator, I train others how to use scarce healthcare resources responsibly. As a farmer, I practice regenerative agriculture that uses waste to feed the soil. 

My call to stewardship is reflected in my choices and my work; whether mundane or monumental. As JP, I will act on your behalf -  prudently and urgently. 
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